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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Inspired Hydration: Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter

The lovely Get Lippie first introduced me to indie vegan body care and fragrance line Haus of Gloi a few months ago in time for me to try their Pumpkin Butter in limited edition Snow Wolf scent. I'll be honest, it takes a lot for me to get excited about body care products, but this is exciting.

The texture of this shea butter and pumpkin based body butter is not quite whipped, but it has a light, soft texture. Here's the best part: it acts as a true cushion against the skin, hydrating it beyond comparison of anything I've ever used (even La Mer body lotion), heals dry areas and prevents them from coming back. The effects are still felt even after a shower.

The Snow Wolf scent is a delicious dry cedar with a hint of sweetness, and I will indeed miss it once my container of the Pumpkin Butter is gone. The scent lasts an extremely long time on the skin, Haus of Gloi do not skimp on the fragrancing of their products. Today I purchased two more containers in Aether, which has no fragrance. I can only imagine that I'll use the unscented version even more because it will leave my options for daily perfume choices more open. I also picked up a sample jar of the Body Emulsion in Moon Dog to try (coconut, dry sandalwood, nutmeg and clove).

A 6-ounce jar of Haus of Gloi Pumpkin Butter is available for just $9, with 2-ounce sample jars for $4.50. Check website for availability, as it is made from scratch in small batches and not from a pre-made base, but they restock frequently.

*UPDATE* Aether Pumpkin Butter is now back in stock as of 2/28/11


  1. OK, I'm sold. I've been interested in this line for awhile, but haven't ordered anything. This sounds amazing.
    I'm interested in the fragrance free because well, the obvious. I may buy a sample scented jar.
    I'm stoked!

  2. I went back to link the page and I must have bought their last two jars before they restock. Nice, huh? I'll promote a product I just bought the rest of! No, but they have sample jars at the moment, it looks like. Victoria, you won't be disappointed when you try it.

  3. Sounds like a great product. I usually buy unfragranced body lotion but these would be a nice treat.

  4. It's still not for sale yet.
    Have you tried any of the scrubs?

  5. Should be restocked tomorrow according to them, I've already asked because I'm already putting a huge dent in my supply. I've yet to try the scrubs, but I'd really like to, especially the Bubbling Scrub.