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eyeliner on a cat
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Atelier Cologne Vanille Insensee Cologne Absolue and Soap

It's been awhile since I've reviewed anything other than perfume, and although this is also a  review of a soap, the juice came first, so I will start there. I have been growing more enchanted every day by Atelier Cologne's fragrances since I first received samples of all of their scents. The instant hit for me was Vanille Insensee, and I've heard so many people talking about the soap that I had to get it as well.

First, I'd like to say that I thought the Cologne Absolue and the Soap smell different enough to warrant reviewing both of them. Vanille Insensee Cologne Absolue is so dry, you really can't help but conjure up images of incense smoke curling into the air. The vanilla is not overly sweet, and the fragrance overall is pretty linear. This is one of those perfumes you actually want  to be linear; such is the nature of incense. I stopped burning incense once I started getting migraines several years ago (not because of the incense, but it didn't help), and I miss it a lot. Vanille Insensee fills a need for me not previously met: I now have an incense-based personal  fragrance to use during the summer. It's soft and thin enough that it never becomes cloying, but it has enough body to it that my incense cravings are truly and completely satisfied. The hint of lime at the outset is so subtle and doesn't really smell citrusy, it offers more of a high-pitched accent to the blend, lightening it up considerably. It is delicious without being overly gourmand, and so refreshing to wear. Based on the quality of the fragrance, excellent price point and uniqueness, this is a must-have full bottle for me.

notes: Lime, coriander, jasmine, vanilla, oak moss, woods

Now, on to the accoutrement. The Vanille Insensee soap is the first bar of soap I've bought in over a decade. That's right, I'm a liquid body wash kind of girl. This, however, is no ordinary soap. It is finely milled, the bar is very large and highly scented (enough to fill the entire bathroom with fragrance), and the lather is satiny soft. The scent of the bar has a more prevalent lime note in it that makes it great for use as a soap. The coriander is also more noticeable and gives it a stronger herbal impression than the Cologne Absolue. The scent doesn't last on the skin for too long, but that's okay with me, since it won't interfere with my daily perfume testing that way.

The packaging is marvelous. As you can see, it's wrapped in cream-colored, slightly textured paper and has a leather mahogany colored band with the Atelier Cologne logo on it with a metal snap surrounding it. I wanted to wear it as a bracelet, but it's too big on me. Therefore, my cat Troutie has happily inherited it as a new plaything.

I plan on buying the soap in Orange Sanguine as well (the Cologne Absolue is absolutely stunning), and I am also very hot to try several of Atelier's candles.

Vanille Insensee is available in 30ml bottles ($60), 200ml bottles ($170), bar soap ($15) and candles ($45) at Ateliercologne.com, and also at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

[bar of soap was purchased by me for my personal use, perfume sample was obtained for free via the Atelier Cologne Facebook page]


  1. This sounds so intriguing! Thanks for the review.

  2. I haven't bought a single bar of soap in (counting) 12? years. And now I want this one (crying).
    Great review!
    I like this brand. I have two of their colognes and can clearly see at least one more added to my collection.

  3. Oh, do it Undina! I hope I can get as many people as possible to buy a bar of this soap, it's a small luxury that just boosts your mood. Totally worth it!

  4. I really like the perfume, and I want a bottle, but just. can't. do. it.

    Can't say why, because it was fabulous on my skin, lasting power was good, and Mr. Howe liked it... I think the problem lay in the fact that I tested TF Tobacco Vanille the same day, and that sort of eclipsed Insensee!

    I think I need to try it again, without the thought of a heavy-hitter in mind. I need more summer scents! :)

  5. Tobacco Vanille is VERY nice, I have a decant of that. That will be nice for warm weather too, I'm actually hoping I can get my husband to wear it!

    Vanille Incensee has that lightness about it that no other incense scent I can think of contains, so to my mind, it's the perfect warm weather solution for addicts of rich orientals and the like.