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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dreaming Big: my full bottle lust list this week

I've decided that occasionally, I'm going to post about what's on my current full bottle wish list. It always seems to be changing and, let's face it, I love to gush about perfume.

Guerlain Attrape-Coeur

1. Amouage Opus I, III and V (not necessarily in that order) My re-introduction to Amouage Perfumes has been a raging success, and I am having a blast. The downside, of course, is falling so hard for more than one- but there are always potential splits.

2. Etat Libre d'Orange Tom of Finland I'm convinced I need to sample every ELdO fragrance there is, but I already know one thing for sure- a full bottle of Tom of Finland must be mine. My sample is almost gone, and it's been one of my very favorite perfumes as of late.

3. Knize Ten, modern and vintage I have a sample of modern Knize Ten, and have decreed that it's the raunchiest, roughest, furriest most wonderful leather perfume ever (eclipsing even vintage Tabac Blond in terms of ability to burn off nose hairs). I am dying to try the vintage, and plan to very soon. It's also very nice to know that the modern version is so beautiful.

4. DSH Perfumes Vert Pour Madame Just as I was in the process of whining that nothing is as good as vintage Balmain Vent Vert when it comes to the green-eyed monster (galbanum), along comes Dawn Spencer-Hurwitz to the rescue. Done in vintage style, there is a lot to love.

5. Parfumerie Generale Cuir d'Iris This was in an iris sampler pack I got recently from The Perfumed Court, and I fell for Cuir d'Iris instantly. This goes further in showing how leather and iris together just makes a whole lot of damn sense. True love.

6. Guerlain Attrape Coeur It's sweet, it's soft, it makes me feel like a vixen. All the delicious, powdery aspects of violet and iris with a soft incensey amber... a bee bottle is calling my name.

7. Vero Profumo Kiki Once I get my hands on a full bottle of Kiki EDP, that will be the only lavender-based perfume I will need for the rest of my life. I'm mostly serious.

8. Ormonde Jayne Woman Pure Parfum Why? Because a girl can dream. I dream about layering my Woman EDP with the Pure Parfum. I also dream about a Woman candle, you know, the really big one. Bath & Shower Creme, Lotion, whatever else there is, I'll take it.

And in the vintage sect, I'm going to need more of this stuff:

1. Vintage Balmain Vent Vert Because even though Vert Pour Madame exists now, I still want some original Vent Vert (I only have about three drops left in my sample vial). I am a human lady, after all. I also have to try samples of vintage Miss Balmain and Jolie Madame.

2. Vintage Caron Tabac Blond I was lucky enough to get a partial bottle of this (from the 70s) recently, and I've been thoroughly enjoying every drop. But I still want to go further back in time and try an older vintage. Tabac Blond is in my top five favorite perfumes of all time.

3. Vintage Guerlain L'Heure Bleue This must happen. Since L'Heure Bleue was the first fancy perfume I ever picked out and bought for myself, I feel that I owe it to myself to have some vintage. It's a very special fragrance to me.

So now it's time for you to dish. Tell me, what perfumes are topping your wish lists these days? 


  1. That's hard... I like so many perfumes for which I have testers/small decants. I like and use them and want to get a FB of those but for now I do not need those bottles.
    My last FB purchase (it's still in transit to me) - Heure Exquise by Annick Goutal.
    I'm thinking hard on purchasing Earl Grey & Cucumber by Jo Malone - I do not absolutely have to have it now but it'll be completely sold out soon...
    Also I think it's time to buy a bottle of Chanel No 19 (while waiting for the flanker).

    I'm working on the rest of the list.

    (for whatever reason Blogger doesn't allow me to use my Google account)

  2. There have been people complaining over the past couple days about trouble with their Google accounts and Blogger. Some can post comments with it, some can't. Weird.

    I've yet to smell any Jo Malone fragrances (including candles) that I like. I guess her aesthetic is too far away from what I enjoy.

    Haven't tried AG Heure Exquise yet, but on the AG front, I'm SO glad I took advantage of a TPC sale and I got an 8ml decant of Ambre Fetiche for $10. I was thinking of getting another if they still have that deal.

  3. Fun! I looooove lust lists. I might blow up Blogger with how big my list is so haven't attempted a post on it yet. I don't know of these perfumes but the Guerlain stuff, but the names are ringing a bell due to your tweets. I'm learning, slowly. ;)

    Maybe it's your influence but I ordered some samples off Luckyscents. Will be posting on them soon. :) I'm also dying to sniff some CB I Hate Perfume. The plan is to hit the Brooklyn store if I ever make it down to New York this summer.

  4. Now, you've gone and done it, Carrie...reminded me of the original, ultimate, non-plus-ultra Green Fiend...vintage Vent Vert, surely the greatest green ever created? If there ever were a love song written to galbanum, then surely this would be it? I love it as you do, I have to say, so much I've shied away from any new version I've come across because I don't want to have my memory sullied by a bad reformulation.

    Full Bottle Lusts...Oh, dear. It makes for a long list. But I'd say...Bandit (another Germaine Cellier creation!), which even reformulated is stunning stuff, if slightly softer than the b****fest I remember, Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir and Tolu in every permutation ever created, and in the best of all possible worlds, a bottle of vintage Fidji (the amber colored juice). So I can dream, anyway.

    Atelier's Trefle Pur for happy go lucky days, ELdO's Like This for spice-is-nice days, and Andy Tauer's Orange Star, for no other reason than Orange Doesn't Get Any Better Than That.

    The full bell jar of Ambre Sultan, my truest amber love, but on the other hand, Serge Lutens has that vitriolic carnation coming out soon, and I never did get around to getting (another) Feminitè du Bois, and...

    Odin NY 04-Petrana is the sheerest iris I've ever tried, and if that isn't perfect for summer, I don't know what is.

    Last, but not least, I'm with you on the Tabac Blond. I've never tried the vintage, but the present extrait is...a drug, or it should be. I have to sniff it at least once a day, and can't wait for autumn to begin singeing nose hairs!

    That should get me started, at least until the fall...;-)

  5. Liz: I can't wait to see what you picked up at Luckyscent! I have to admit, I love being an enabler. I'm bad like that. If I have to suffer with perfume lust, I want company! I'm taking you all down with me. I've heard the CBIHP store is really great, I would love to go there too. And the NYC Le Labo store, Aedes, MIN, etc. NYC would be worth a trip for scent-shopping and lunching with bloggers alone.

  6. Oh, Sheila. I knew I'd get an exhaustive list from you, bless your heart! I'm pleased to tell you that I've helped you out with something on your list already, which you will find out about very soon. But I'll tell you now that it's not anything vintage, just so you're not disappointed. :)

    That's one helluva list, girl. I'd take a bell jar of Ambre Sultan, the Odin Petrana, oh and Atelier Cologne... they're all incredible! Have you tried all of them yet, or just Grand Neroli and Trefle Pur?

  7. Hi Carrie - Victoria (EauMG) pointed me towards your blog a little while ago.

    I have to say Attrape Coeur works AMAZING on my skin, and would *love* a bottle of it; too bad it has been discontinued for some time. I've been telling every Guerlain employee (Vegas/Orlando - I visit them often) how much I wish they would bring this one back...

    Also, have to second the Ormonde Woman - I "should be wearing" Man, but it's just a little too restrained for me. Woman is AMAZING (not that Man isn't amazing.)

  8. Carrie, a good idea. Sometimes it helps getting all those wants out on paper, even if they are never going to happen.
    Okay so here we go:

    Parfumerie Generale: almost everything, no seriously, give me all their woody gourmands please. I love them all equally.

    Odin 01 and 04

    Three backup bottles of Jo Malone Sweet Milk (yes, really)

    Chanel Coromandel

    Penhaligon's Amaranthine

    and samples of all Lostmarc'h, Liz Zorn, Le Labo and Aftelier perfumes, please.

    Too much? Noooo. :)

  9. I would love a full bottle of Kiki - we can only dream! :)

  10. I've tried all of them except for the Vanille Insensée, and few lines have ever given me such a massive case of indecision, because they're all...just...stunning. Not one bad one, not one that didn't work for me, not one that wasn't instant love at first sniff. So I suppose I'd just add...one of everything Atelier Cologne, too! The Grand Neroli is a perpetual favorite, the Trefle Pur is a helluva green, the Orange Sanguisssime is...perfectly orange, the Bois Blond - well, enough already! Great Stuff! Buy Them All! :) I know I've got some goodies coming, and I'm...breathless with anticipation! :D

  11. I love Lists! I am surrounded by lists, because they are the threads that keep my life together.

    Full bottle wish list:
    1. Chanel Bois des Iles extrait (getting this for myself for my upcoming birthday)
    2. Jacomo Silences (I haven't even sniffed this yet!)
    3. Caron Bellodgia (EDT)
    4. Ormonde Jayne Orris Noir (EDP)

    That's all! The OJ will be an x-mas present from the hubby this year, and the two in the middle? Affordable! I'll have those over the summer. :)

  12. Hiya Brian, thanks for stopping by! You can get a bee bottle of Attrape-Coeur EDP (4.2oz) from an Amazon 3rd party seller for $299, so that's what I was dreaming of. There's also the possibility of running into some in Guet-Apens form, plus I've started to scour less known places. I'm holding out hope. :)

    You're definitely not the first guy who loves to wear woman- Sheila (Tarleisio) loves to wear Man, and so do I!

  13. Birgit: I really need to try a bunch of PG scents, the couple I had previously tried didn't work out so well for me, then along came Cuir d'Iris, so I know now that I must investigate further!

    There are several Chanel scents I need to get my hands on too. especially Cuir de Russie.

  14. Frida: Kiki is droolworthy! It blew my mind into a million little pieces, and I'm still trying to pick them up.

  15. Dee: Aren't lists the bee's knees? I love them as much as you do. They're comforting. Bois des Iles extrait... I bet that is stunning. Again with Chanel, I really ought to get samples of all of them!

  16. Carrie, I'm sooo envious! I saw that TPC sale, put Ambre Fetiche into my basket - and forgot to finish the transaction until the next day when it was gone already! But I'll get it anyway since I liked Birgit's review of it.

  17. There are far too many on my list, but I'll mention one:

    Amouage's Tribute attar.

    Simply amazing.

    PS My word verification is 'snerican'. Is that a sneery American??

  18. P- Tribute Attar is something I am awfully curious about, I've heard more than one person utter it when speaking of their wish lists.
    P.S. I was thinking "Sneaky American" :)

  19. This is one hell of a list. Wowzers. So many are things that I wish I owned, but don't. There's that entire "on budget" thing going on over here :)

    At this time, all I want is Knize Ten...And OK, Esprit d'Oscar. Damn, you are such an enabler!

  20. I know, I'm a terrible person. :)

    UPDATE! I have a mini of vintage Miss Balmain and a full bottle of ELdO Tom of Finland on the way, both procured cheaply.