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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Aroma M Geisha Noire and Geisha Violet

I recently had the opportunity to try several different perfumes from the delightful Maria McElroy of Aroma M Perfumes. She's got a nicely edited, adorable range of roll-on perfume oils and EDPs. I have a sample of Geisha Rouge that I acquired last year, and I think it's wonderful, so I was eager to explore the others.

There were a couple that really stood out for me, the first being Geisha Noire. It is an interesting mix of sensual, comforting and musky and sharp aromatic notes-- it seems to represent opposites, but in a harmonious way. It reminds me of an olfactory version of the Yin-Yang symbol. Geisha Noire is a rich and potent Oriental with notes of amber, tonka bean and spices, but I also smell dry herbal notes and a blend of musks. It's almost startling in its depth, it's very unusual and I can see myself reaching for this when I need a hit of sexiness. The drydown is where this perfume oil really sings on my skin, giving the impression of a labdanum-based skin scent after awhile. The powderiness and richness of the amber is completely intoxicating. Geisha Noire is meant to aid in meditation and prayer, and I can easily see that being true. It does induce feelings of peace and well-being.

The other one I really like is Geisha Violet. It smells like the greenest of green fig, so bright and happy, with a lilac and violet heart. It also has a subtle note of bitter chocolate that can be detected once the green figginess calms itself a bit after the opening. Once again, I'm drawn in by powder, it's in Geisha Violet as well but in a much more restrained manner than Noire. Geisha Violet is reminiscent of Diptyque's Philosykos, but heads in a more floral direction. It's a sweet and tender fragrance and I think would easily appeal to a wide variety of people.

I was surprised by the potency of Aroma M oils. I'm used to perfume oils smelling very diluted on me and lacking lasting power, but that's not the case with Maria's oils. But if you prefer a perfume in an alcohol-base, she's got EDP versions of several of her fragrances available as well (including Geisha Noire- which I will be picking up for sure). I'm not afraid of giving off strong sillage in the summertime, and something about Noire makes me want to bathe in it. Hmm... Maria, how about some bath and body products?

Geisha edp sprays are available for $80 for a 50ml size HERE
Geisha perfume oils are 7.5ml for $50, and you can see them HERE
There are also samples of everything Aroma M makes available.

[samples were sent to me by the perfumer for review]


  1. Yes! I love the Noire and the Violet, and true, they last and have some but not too much projection, which is very unusual and appreciated quality to find in exactly the right balance.

  2. Lucy- these two perfumes seem to be the prevailing favorites as I get to know other Aroma M fans' preferences. There were several others I thought were quite lovely, but weren't "me". Geisha Noire in particular is just SO unique, I don't have another amber-based Oriental like it!

  3. I love all of the aroma M that I have sampled, my favorite is Geisha Green.

    Noire is one that warms up on me and gets louder with time. It's some sultry stuff. It isn't something that I can wear frequently, but I like it.

    I really love Violet but didn't get fig from it. Mainly the cocoa powder and candied violets. Isn't that strange? But, that's why I love to read/hear other's perspectives.