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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The choices have been made! Summer of Patchouli Love 2011

Well, it's official: I've made my three choices for my favorite perfumes from the Summer of Patchouli Love 2011 project on Perfume Pharmer. I'm off to the post office to mail my card back to Monica. The choice was not an easy one, as there were five perfumes I loved and it hurt me to the bone to have to eliminate two of them. Honestly, I feel that I could have randomly picked three and I would have been happy with the results no matter what.

With that said, here are my choices, replete with numerological hoodoo:

First choice: #2 THE AMOEBA. There is a terribly sophisticated cocoa note coupled with what seems like well-aged patchouli. It is darkly verdant, and it feels like a living thing when it's on my skin.
Second choice: #3 THE HONEY BUG. This has a wonderful honey linden aspect that lasts throughout the entire wearing, and a slightly boozy top note. A dry grassiness rounds out the delicate patchouli in the base.
Third choice: #13 THE BARNYARD CIRCUS. Sweet, floral incense with a tender aromatic herbal quality. Lots of hay and dry sweetgrasses, sugared jasmine and lavender, this is well-rounded and utterly charming.

I'm very impressed with the variety and inventiveness in the fragrances that were sent to me. Some of these perfumers took the challenge in a bit more literal way, putting a spin on tradition, and others really pushed the envelope. I want to congratulate each perfumer for their amazing work, and thank Monica Skye-Miller for asking me to participate in this project. But it's not over yet! All the results must come in, votes need to be tallied, and mysteries will be unveiled. I am on the edge of my seat because I can't wait to find out who is responsible for each perfume. Talk about torture! My personality dictates that I must know all things at all times, and if I somehow can't manage that, I ask others for help. There's no one to help me right now, I'm all alone, floating on a fragrant patchouli cloud and dreaming the aimless dreams of summer.

**Stay tuned for an exciting draw being held soon right here on this very blog, two of my lovely readers will have some of their very own AMOEBA juice!**


  1. Sounds like your scents are very different one from the other, and also very interesting. You really can pair pretty much anything with patchouli, can't ya! I feel inspired to dig out a random patchouli sample from my stash and join in :)

  2. I will be hosting a giveaway on my blog very soon for two silver atomizers of #2, which I just found out about. I'm excited for two of you guys to try The Amoeba!

  3. How fun! I love patchouli. What a great way to discover new options.

  4. Hi Sue: It's a fabulous way to try and recognize the signatures of perfumers you know, and discover perfumers you don't- this is a totally win/win type of thing. I'll let you know when the drawing for the silver atomizers of #2 has begun!

  5. Patchouli is an interesting note: I've gone from completely repulsed (if you lived in Oregon, you'd understand), to appreciating it, and finally... To liking it. I still need it to be carefully blended, but the three that you've selected have me chomping at the bit :)

    I can't wait to find out who made them!!!

  6. Dee: Being involved in a project like this can really change the way you think about a given note in perfumery, it's been really eye-opening for me.

  7. Carrie, so nice to find out we share a certain taste in perfumes -- it was amazing how different they all were. It was hard to choose between 13 and 14. Yes, it is a learning experience to have all these variations with such a high percentage of patchouli, and most interesting to try in this blind test way.

  8. Lucy- I also struggled between #13 and #14, and I also loved #5. My top five choices were all so beautiful that it really just came down to deciding which three spoke to me with the most clarity. I think the only thing that would have been more fun with PLAP is if we all got to do it together in person, a whole day of patchouli festivities. :)

  9. Haha, I know that like me, you're going nuts with this. I love to plan,etc. I want to know what is what!
    #2 - You're right about #2. It is a shifter. Sometimes I like it and I get chocolate-patchouli. Other times I get something powdery. Each time I wear it, it changes.
    #3 - It's beautiful, get something figgy in there too. (And I "get" what you "get")
    #13 - I'm calling this the "tropichouli" ;)

    Still haven't decided. Have it narrowed down to 5.

  10. Yes, I DESPERATELY want to know what's what! And I'm also mourning the fact that I couldn't choose more than three, because the two I had to eliminate I also loved a lot. #5 and #14 were SO close to making the cut, but what it came down to was, I had to ask myself what I would consider to be the most unique and inventive yet still wearable.