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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Skin Nirvana-- Colbert MD Stimulate: The Serum

It's been awhile since I've reviewed anything other than fragrances, as it's become clear to me that perfume is my true love and I really enjoy the challenge of writing about it. However, I will occasionally make an exception when I am moved to do so, and I have indeed been moved. I've always been very open about my passion for the Colbert MD skin care line, and have had such positive experiences with it as a whole, that I can honestly say that it's transformed my skin.

My latest obsession is Stimulate: The Serum. It contains their patented QuSome technology which is a unique delivery system to help the product penetrate further into the skin than most products are able to do. Stimulate: The Serum has glycolic acid (at a low enough level to be used daily without irritation), coffea arabica seed, gotu kola, silk peptides, creatine and carnitine. The effect when these ingredients are combined is increased cell turnover, evening of skin tone, reversal of sun damage, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and helps to build collagen and elastin.

It almost sounds like ALL of this can't be possible with just one product, but it is, and there's scientific data to back it up. Just like with any regimen, it needs to be used with consistency, but the really beautiful thing is that you start seeing positive changes in your skin immediately. The first couple of days I started using it, I noticed that my skin was devoid of the redness and inflammation I normally have every day. My skin tone looked luminous and my skin felt soft and was flake-free. A few weeks in, spots of hyperpigmentation have started to fade, and my skin hasn't even had a chance to think about becoming red or inflamed- the serum keeps it at bay with its anti-inflammatory properties. I have SCARY soft, smooth, blemish-free skin, my pores appear minimized, and I'm experiencing this at a level I've never had before with my skin.

I now use The Serum with a few other Colbert MD products:
Nutrify & Protect: Day Cream
Heal & Soothe: Night Cream
Intensify: Facial Discs

This system is technologically advanced, user-friendly, utilizes comfortable, light textures that are great for every skin type, and even sensitive skins will flourish. This is a perfect system for people around my age (mid 30s) who need to start taking anti-aging action, on up to fully mature skin when the main concern is wrinkle control, tautness and cell turnover. It will benefit a wide variety of people. I cannot wait for new product launches, I see this well-edited line expanding judiciously and am excited to see it grow.

I'm fully addicted to this range of products, but if I had to advise someone who could only pick up ONE of these products due to budget constraints or whatever it may be, I would recommend The Serum. It is a multi-tasking work horse, and I can't imagine life without it now. Colbert MD is high-end, science-based skin care that provides results that make it well worth the price of admission. Take the plunge, I promise that you won't regret it.

[Colbert MD Stimulate: The Serum is available from ColbertMD.com for $135, and is also available at Barneys New York stores]

See more of my reviews of this line here:
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[Product was sent to me by the company for review. My opinions are solely my own and I have not been financially compensated for them. I never have been, never will be]


  1. Sounds amazing! I tend to avoid serums because I break out when products are too rich, but the glycolic acid part got to me. I'll have to test a sample one of these days.

  2. I hope you do sample these products, Liz, they are amazing. If you send them a message on Twitter and mention my blog, I'm pretty sure they will send you samples.

  3. Isn't it great to find a product that works for you? I've been using Paula's Choice 5% AHA and love it.