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Friday, September 9, 2011

Baptism by fire: Amouage Jubilation 25 Candle

Clean and dirty, pristine in its details on the surface but with an earthy growl behind it. These are the descriptors of the best incense fragrances, and ones I often use to describe my favorite Amouage scents, too. One of my biggest weaknesses (and I have many, so consider this a King Weakness) is incensey candles. And for every King of Weaknesses there is a Queen's Indulgence, an over-the-top representation of luxury that sends a shiver up my spine and melts any resolve that might be lurking beneath the surface. Meet Amouage's Jubilation 25 candle- gilded, glowing and gorgeous.

notes: tarragon, lemon, ylang ylang, rock rose, frankincense, davana, labdanum ciste, patchouli, amber, vetiver, musk, myrrh

the first burn is always the best

The perfume Jubilation 25 was created by Lucas Sieuzac, and in my opinion the candle is a very faithful representation of the EDP. I almost enjoy this particular fragrance even more as an ambient one. It's worth mentioning that because of the softness of the wax, it is entirely feasible to use the candle wax as a solid perfume. In fact, as soon as I unpacked the candle, that's the first thing I did and it worked quite well. The candle is clean-burning and quickly creates a pool of luscious liquid when lit.

This is my first experience with Amouage home fragrance products, and it's clear that the firm adheres to the same high standards as with their personal fragrances. The cold throw is excellent (the scent the candle gives off when not lit) and fills the room quickly with rich fragrance when burning. The Jubilation 25 candle is a feast for the senses and is particularly delightful as cool, rainy weather descends on the city as I write this.

candle and holder are available as a set

Amouage's Jubilation 25 candle is 6.9 oz and is available from the Amouage website for 120 Euros (candle with the beautiful holder is also available together as a set for 165 Euros) as well as  from Parfums Raffy for $195 USD. I will update this post with additional US retail outlets as I find out about them. 

[candle was sent to me by the company for my consideration]

photo credits: top photo is my own, bottom photo from Amouage.com


  1. In a strangely synchronicitous occurrence, I wore Jubilation 25 EdP today, and may I say it, my envy knows no bounds! Because it's stupendous. There's no other word that fits. Now, where will I find 120 €.... ;)

    Great review, Carrie! I can imagine that candle, burning in this room as I type...

  2. You must have the best scented home in your neighborhood, yum! I am so jealous =) I have an image of you laying on a divan just basking in the scent!

  3. I'm so jealous too. I'm an ardent fan of Jubilation 25...you must have one sexy smelling house right now, Carrie.

  4. Sheila- this candle is a luxury among luxuries. In other words, it's got the perfect home right here next to me where I can bat my eyelashes at it and coo amorously. :)

  5. Joey- that mental image you have is not too far off from reality, except I have no divan, but I do have a bed totally tricked out with amazing bedding. :)

  6. Suzanne- the scent is indeed sexy, it's such an incredible home fragrance. I'm grateful that it doesn't even really need to be lit for the scent to fill the space of a medium-sized room. I plan on savoring this one!