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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The rose that stayed for dinner: En Voyage Perfumes L'Emblem Rouge EDP [and a draw!]

The lovely Trish (from one of my favorite perfume blogs, Scent Hive) and I decided to create a little blogging project in order to celebrate the launch of Shelley Waddington's En Voyage Perfumes L'Emblem Rouge, a rose soliflore. I will discuss the eau de parfum here, and Trish will be exploring the accompanying hydrosol, created by Dabney Rose.

The people who know me best know that I am not generally a fan of rose-centric perfumes, but my mind is always open, because there are always exceptions. Take Aftelier Perfumes Roses Solid, for instance. I really appreciate the fresh aspects of rose, like crushing rose petals in the palm of your hand and then inhaling, and Mandy's Roses is that exactly.

L'Emblem Rouge captures that moment in time so well, even if it doesn't last too long. I have long since made peace with the reality that the best of natural perfumes don't last as long as I'd like, but in a way, I savor their fleeting nature even more because I know it won't be staying with me for several hours.

L'Emblem Rouge is the first entry in  perfumer Shelley Waddington's new all-natural Rubicon Collection. Lovers of rose soliflores will rejoice when they get their hands on this one, and those with charitable hearts will, too:
"A lifetime gift of five percent of all L'Emblem Rouge proceeds will be donated to Broadway Cares, a leading non-profit AIDS fundraising and grant-making organization." -from the En Voyage website

top notes: cassie, mace, bitter orange, juicy grapefruit, green pepper, Iranian galbanum, violet, cistus heart notes: organic Iranian rose otto, ylang ylang, heliotrope, French jasmine sambac, violet, honey base notes: guaiacwood, sandalwood, copaiba, vetiver cedarwood Virginia, tolu balsam, benzoin Siam, tonka, vanilla, ambergris

Once the fresh rose aspect has faded down, the warm depths of L'Emblem Rouge emerge to envelop you in the kind of comfort you crave on a cool, windy Autumn day. It becomes redolent of a well-loved chenille blanket that has held on to traces of incense smoke from night after night of revelry. It is simply stunning.

[photo: obeygiant.com]

Once in awhile the impossible happens, and it reaffirms my pledge to myself to keep my mind and heart open, and if a rose perfume should want to come in for a trial-run, I will certainly open the door.

En Voyage Perfumes L'Emblem Rouge may be purchased in two concentrations. The EDP is available in 0.25 oz and 0.50 oz bottles ($40 and $115, respectively), and L'Eau Emblem Rouge, the hydrosol it is paired with, 0.35 oz for $25. Samples are also available for $6.

To celebrate the launch of L'Emblem Rouge, I am holding a draw for a sample set: a mini spray sample of the hydrosol and a mini-roller ball of the eau de parfum. Just leave a comment here to enter-- tell me what your thoughts are about rose in perfumes. Do you love it? Do you give it the ol' side-eye? Does it sleep at the foot of your bed, curled up in a ball?

Drawing will be held on Saturday, September 10th at 12:00 pm, and will be decided by random.org. I will announce the winner on my blog, and the winner is responsible for contacting me via email with their mailing address (eyelineronacat at gmail dot com). In the meantime, don't forget to head over to Scent Hive to read all about L'Eau Emblem Rouge. Good luck!


  1. Two of my favorite people making something beautiful! What's not to love?

    Rose, it slides up my body and hugs me :) and stays there like a beautiful silk wrap.

    Thank you to Dabney and Shelley, Carrie and Trish for bringing this to my attention!


  2. To paraphrase Edmund Blackadder, for me a perfume without rose is like a broken pencil - pointless.

    There are so many roses and so many variations on the scent that I'm sorry that I've only got one nose and one lifetime to enjoy them all.

    Rose means heavenly bliss for me. It's love. And "L'Emblem Rouge" looks to be pretty blissful from here.

    Thanks for the generous opportunity to participate,

    Cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh

  3. It's a cool autumn day here and now I'm craving this bit of comfort. I was in a "rose stage" but only got as far as Bulgari Rose Essentielle before the affair ended. Now you're making me want to go exploring that side of the garden again... :)

  4. Yay!- you found a rose to love.

    When I first started seriously sniffing (around 6 years ago), I wasn't really a rose love at all.. I thought I was all about the white flowers, woods and spices..My husband on the other hand was a big fan of the roses and not big on white flowers..which is why I was even open minded about roses. I am not sure which was the rose to convert me (it might have just been the wonderful Bulgarian Rose concrete that I bought or a spicy woody rose perfume which are the kind I am drawn to. I have a sneaking suspicion it might have been L'Artisan's VdR or saffron troublant), but converted I remain..:)

    Would love to be entered in the draw!

  5. This is tough for me. I love Shelley's creations I love the Go Ask alice and Peche Nior. Most recently, i got a sample of a fresh green Ivy that was spellbinding. But I am not a rose gal. It smells like a cheap interpretaion of a gorgeous flower (black rose fan). So I am sure you can see the dichatomy? I feel compelled to say that if any one could make me a convert to Rose it would be Shelley:) Thanks for the draw:)

  6. Rose has always been a little difficult for me. There is a type of rose I call "hippie oil rose" - the cloying scent often found in cheap rose essential oils and the like. Unfortunately many rose-based perfumes have that scent. Fortunately, many are light enough, or blended well enough, to eliminate that aspect and I can enjoy them. There can also be a slightly vinegar-ish aspect to rose, found sometimes in Joy and Malle Une Rose - if that is too much, like Une Rose, I have a hard time.

    I am interested to see what Shelley has done here! The notes sound really good.

  7. I love roses in my perfumes. Good roses that is. And this perfume sounds like the one. Please enter me into the draw.

    Not related to your review, I'm wondering if you know why a bigger size is so much more expensive then a small one? It can't be that a bigger bottle itself costs extra $35 ($115 minus 2*$40 (the price of a 0.25 oz bottle)).

    ~ Undina ~

  8. Please enter me into this wonderful draw. I haven't found a rose that I like. This is one of two rose centric reviews I have read today that have intrigued me. Haven't tried any of Shelley's work yet. Thanks Sharryn

  9. Carrie, I adore a good rose, but I tend towards "masculine-ized" roses: rose + woods, rose + incense, rose + patchouli (my favorite!). Right now I'm wearing Tallulah Jane's Gotham, and it's a big ole heapin' dose of rose + patchouli!

    I have to say that Mandy's Roses solid is just delicious - it does smell incredibly real. I also reviewed Andy Tauer's Une Rose Vermeille today - I was surprised that I liked such a citrusy rose, usually something I stayed away from.

    Like you, I have to try to keep an open mind to everything!

    Please enter me in this draw! xoxoxo Joey

  10. Carrie Meredith,
    Thank you so much for doing this review with me. I enjoyed reading your take on L'Emblem Rouge.

    I also really appreciate your reminder to keep an open heart and mind at the ready, so true in regards to perfume and life in general.

    Lots of XOXO,

  11. Hi,

    I just found out about your blog, and I'm glad to find reviews of more niche perfumes. I used to only care for the scent of red roses, not pink, but I've been trying different combinations, like rose/tobacco or rose/leather, and I think I'm really starting to embrace the rose in general. The list of notes in this perfume is almost overwhelming, but I'd love to find out how it smells. Please enter me in your draw!


  12. There is not smell more essential than rose, to me. I could live eat drink rose essence. On the property where I live are 150 antique rose bushes, and I discovered last spring the greatest antidepressent/all round cheerer upper was to drink the morning dew right out of their blossoms. Rose is gorgeous, and elusive, and it always leaves you wanting more...such a doorway into perfect beauty....

  13. A perfume-hydrosol hybrid is such an interesting concept. I like subtle rose scents especially the english rose, they just have that an air of elegance.
    This was a great review and hosting a giveaway is a nice way to share this with someone.

  14. I love rose perfumes as long as they smell natural and fresh, even powdery, dewy or green, but never old or "winey". I dislike "macerated" roses.

  15. I am about the same way with the rose perfumes as you are. I am ready to try them, and I found some I like, but it always is a mental effort to me to think of myself smelling JUST like roses. However, I own and love DSH Rose #1 -- I have almost gone through the bottle.

  16. Rose is one of those notes I thought I didn't like, but ELdO:s Rossy opened my eyes. Now I'm in a bit of a rose exploration phase and l'Emblem Rouge sounds lovely!

  17. OOOh....I used to be a rose hater, but in recent years have come to love it. The darker the better! Bonus points if it's paired with patchouli and it's a chypre. This one has lovely base notes that call my name

  18. I like the scent of roses in perfumes-the scent makes me nostalgic about my mother's beautiful rosebushes.

    Elaine R

  19. Thank you all for your comments so far! It's been fun to get a feel for how you all see (and smell) roses.

  20. Roses bring me back to yesteryear when I was young and my grandma was still around. She loved roses & had a large amount of them. She treasured them as I treasure the scent of roses. Roses are so unique yet simplistic. Roses bring a calm, soothing effect to me & fragrance is my way to have them around me all the time. Please consider me for the giveaway. Thanks.

  21. The draw is now closed, the winner will be announced shortly!