The Beauty of Scent, Scrutinized for Pleasure

Monday, November 21, 2011

Carrie Meredith and Victoria Jent featured in The Retail Me Not Insider!

Check out the current installment of The Retail Me Not Insider for a piece by the multi-talented (and gorgeous) social media and marketing maven, makeup artist and co-founder of Three Custom Color Specialists, Trae Bodge. Her article is about the best celebrity fragrances according to Trae herself, yours truly, Victoria Jent of EauMG and Kelly Kovack, the co-founder of one of my favorite brands, Odin Fragrances. I love collaborating on articles like this, it's always so much fun.

Trae Bodge


  1. This is great! You totally validated my ownership of Covet and now I MUST own the Cumming one. Nice job, Carrie. :D

  2. Hey Liz, thank you! I love Covet, and if it really is being discontinued, it's a crime. The good news is that it's still available at discounters for now. I'm not a fan of celeb scents in general, but those two definitely stand out for me. Thanks for checking out the article!

  3. You're so famous, Carrie! =D Pretty soon you'll have to start charging us to leave comments on the blog heehee! =)