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Monday, April 30, 2012

NEST Fragrances Orchid Rain candle for Jason Wu

The new candle created by NEST Fragrances and perfumer Christophe Laudamiel, Orchid Rain, is inspired by Jason Wu's Spring 2012 collection. As a result of this unique collaboration, candle fanatics who also happen to  love perfume and/or fashion are treated to a gorgeous presentation and fragrance composition filled with cream and green, every part of a flower, including the roots, soil, the slightly and pleasantly bitter edge of the leaves and stem, dewy petals.

The warm damp of the muted colors are brought to life by a beautiful pear accord. Pear is quickly becoming one of my favorite notes in perfume (and home fragrance), because it always adds a slightly ozonic freshness that tends to complement many different compositions. I'm not afraid of fruity, let's just go on record with that. The coconut and the soft woods are part of each other and I can't tease them apart, but I don't mind. The entire fragrance blend is ultra sophisticated and suave, and (so far, anyway)  is getting my vote for home fragrance of the year.

Orchid Rain invites us to come along to the garden early in the morning to observe flowers growing out of the ground, quite the opposite of viewing cut flowers indoors in a vase, no matter how beautiful the vase. I prefer my flora in the ground.

[photo credit: thegardenlady.org]

Speaking of vessels, the ceramic Orchid Rain vessel has one of Jason Wu's designs from his Spring '12 collection, a lovely floral pattern blanched by the softness of grays and blacks, with a bright golden lid to add contrast. It is something everyone will want to keep once the candle is burnt down to nothing. I think it was Charleston Girl who said she was planning on using it for cosmetic brushes, which is such a perfect idea, I might just steal it. Here's to hoping that many more collaborations like this one will come to fruition in the future. Hey, NEST, can Christopher Sheldrake and  Haider Ackermann be next?

NEST Fragrances Jason Wu Orchid Rain candle is available at Candles Off Main, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman, as well as a few other select boutiques across the country. The price is $48, and the 7oz candle burns for approximately 50 hours.

[product sample sent to me by the company for my consideration]


  1. Sounds gorgeous, Carrie. I'm not afraid of fruity either ... especially a really good pear note. :-)

    1. Yeah! Bring on the fruit, I say. I love the concept of getting well-known perfumers and fashion designers on board to create ambient fragrances. It's exciting!

  2. Looks and sounds so lovely. I've always liked pear, too. :)

  3. That is gorgeous packaging!