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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Currently Coveting...

It's that time again, when I openly share my current wishlist. My logic behind doing this is always the same: put it out there in the universe so I can stop thinking about these things and move on!

A Navy eye. I have avoided blues in all shapes and forms all my life because it was just a color that did not speak to me. It felt foreign. Now, I feel much differently about it. I've bought a vintage blue suede handbag, and now I'm ready for the eye makeup. Mally Beauty makes the products I need: EverColor Shadow Stick in Nautical and EverColor Starlight Eyeliner in Sailor.

Ivory silk pajamas: I have so many pairs of pajamas I've literally lost count. But I don't have them in Ivory, so you can understand the seriousness of my situation.

RMS Beauty Oil: I am so happy I discovered RMS cosmetics-- the creamy, hydrating organic formulas are very kind to my skin. I've all but given up powder cosmetics for good. Now there's a new facial oil, and based on the quality of everything I've used from RMS, I bet it's fabulous.

Last but not least, here are several looks from Haider Ackermann's Fall 2012 Ready To Wear collection. The sumptuous colors and fabrics return as part of Ackermann's signature style, and with some new silhouettes as well as some familiar ones. If I could, I would dress myself only in Haider Ackermann.

Have you noticed that there's no perfume on my list? Well, that's because I've got more samples than I have time to test them, besides, the discovery of a new Spanish luxury fragrance house launching in the US very soon is occupying the perfume part of my brain in full at the moment. Ramon Monegal will knock your socks off.

[details and reviews coming soon!]


  1. I can haz Haider Ackermann too? The colours and textures are beyond gorgeous.

    Excited to hear more about Romon Monegal!!

    1. Well, you can haz a chzbrgr ok? If I could, I'd fly us to NYC and get us some new wardrobes.The colors make me want to cry, they're so beautiful, especially that saffron tonal look.

      I am really excited to share about Ramon Monegal- I haven't been this pumped about a perfume house since I discovered Amouage!

  2. Nice wish list!!!!! Don't you wish that our wish lists could be fulfilled easily?! xo

    1. I do wish they could be fulfilled easily, and free would be nice too. :) Maybe I'll try and create my next wish list with things that I know I can probably have, which would leave out Haider Ackermann- but I so love to dish on fashion when I have the chance!

  3. I can't believe I still haven't tried RMS. The beauty oil sounds divine.

  4. Yes! Emma Stone and silk PJs! You must get them. The silk pajamas, I mean, though it'd be nice if you could get Emma Stone to visit you, too.