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eyeliner on a cat
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Perfume Palate: A Matter of Taste [Meirav Devash]

[no Mom, this isn't me. I swear it]

Ah.... where to begin? To describe the nature of my shared history with Meirav Devash would be very easy, because we don't really know each other. I've seen her name pop up regularly in magazines for her editorial work and on Twitter-- we do have mutual acquaintances. When I asked her to take part in this blog series, some kind of weird crack in the universe occurred very far from here. It made a huge ruckus out there in space and it sounded suspiciously like Taake's Voldtekt. Meirav and I skipped the polite niceties of making a new acquaintance and went right for the (bbq veggie seitan) meat. Quite simply, it appears we were cut from the same cloth. Which is, of course, a vintage black metallic silk brocade.

First of all, please state your name and occupation:

Meirav Devash. Freelance writer and editor, genuine rock vixen and contributing editor for Allure Magazine.

What is your favorite perfume at the moment?

Prada Infusion d'Iris. It's a non-granny floral that's fresh and clean. 

What is your favorite fragrance house or brand of perfume?

Frederic Malle and Demeter both come out with intriguing scents, but in totally different ways. I mean-- Carnal Flower vs Pure Soap, right? But I'm open to any nose with a good idea-- it's easier to say what I don't like, which is anything that smells like something someone would bring to a party in the conference room  (cupcakes, chocolate, candy) and anything that stinks of the 80s (musks, asphyxiating orientals, alcohol-heavy scents that smell like The Fokkens on too many gin and tonics).

How often do you wear perfume, and under what circumstances do you wear it?

Every morning and before going out for the evening, unless I forget-- and then once I remember, I feel sad knowing I smell like Dove deodorant. 

Is it important to you to know who the perfumer or creator is behind the perfumes you wear?

I like to let a fragrance speak for itself, but I'll admit I'm a sucker for cute packaging. 

Do you follow the work of certain perfumers, and if so, who?

Frederic Malle, Edwin Creed, Christopher Brosius, Christine Nagel, Fabrice Penot, Kilian Henessy, Gwen Stefani. I told you, my weakness is for those adorable little Harajuku girl bottles. I have one in my bathroom staring down at my toothbrushes. I've never worn it, she just lives there.

Think of an iconic perfume bottle design from the past. What is it?

It's not iconic per se, but the hand grenade bottle for Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb makes me so, so happy.

How many times a day do you estimate that you think about perfume?

Just when I'm applying it, unless I smell someone delicious. 

Think of the last time you complimented someone on the fragrance they were wearing. Did you ask them what it was, and if so, did they tell you?

Yes, and I promptly forgot. 

In just three words, describe your ideal fragrance:

Surprising, seductive, subversive

This is a question about black metal: Do you know what the term "invisible oranges" means? If so, please describe.

Oh, I would love to. Invisible Oranges is a stance a black metal singer takes when he's just SO OVERCOME WITH TOTAL F**KING DARKNESS that he has to form his hands into semi-circular claws that look like he is juicing invisible oranges. Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir is a repeat offender.

(ed.- see photos below for modern day Shagrath in the throes of darkness)

[ed: Highly staged poses such as this one are particularly exemplary. How long the person is able to hold the pose while keeping up a menacing facial expression, enhanced by corpse paint, determines how tr00 his darkness is]

[ed: In this variation, his fat wallet is anchoring his body so that the arms and hands can work without the burden of gravity in order to make orange juice more efficiently. All the newer model black metal frontmen have this feature, which just goes further to prove that pimpin' ain't easy]

Methinks we should mix blood orange extract, holy water and crematorium ash and call it The Sinister Citrus Awakening. Actually, that's not a bad first collaboration for my fictional perfume line, Black Metal Base Notes. Shaggy, Christopher, Fabrice, Frederic: Who's in? Call me. 

[ed: Shagrath circa 1995. This is how I'll choose to remember him. 
They're so sweet when they're babies]

Photo at top courtesy of Meirav Devash, who retains all rights. Photos of Shagrath from Ye Olde Norsk Svart Metall Internet In Helvete, a place that can only be reached if you know the unholy URL.

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