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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Neela Vermeire Creations Giveaway!

Today, I'm so pleased to announce a generous giveaway from Neela Vermeire Creations. There are 4 prizes up for grabs, and the winners will be chosen at random.

The prizes are as follows:
-One person will win a 10ml bottle of the fragrance of their choice, plus a Try Your India sample trio.
-Also, three people will win a Try Your India sample trio.

All you need to do to enter is answer this question:

Based on the three periods of India's history and the fragrances that correspond with them, which period and fragrance are you drawn to or can you identify with the most? The historical period and the perfume don't need to match, just go with your instincts!

Click HERE to go to Neela's website and at the bottom of the main page, click on the CREATIONS tab. It will take you to view some beautiful images with descriptions of each period and fragrance. Trayee, my favorite, corresponds with the Vedic period, Mohur to Mogul and the British Raj, and Bombay Bling! to modern India. While you view each period/fragrance, be sure to click on the "perfume composition" tabs to see a list of notes.

As an aside, I recommend viewing the CREATORS section as well, to get a sense of how Neela and Bertrand Duchaufour have translated the sensory intensity of India into these three fragrances. I find this to be a fascinating project that is so inviting that it's easy to get lost in my own daydreams of a place I've never been.

The draw is open until Tuesday, September 25th at 9pm US Central time. Shortly thereafter I will announce the winners, who will then be responsible for emailing me at eyelineronacat at gmail dot com to provide mailing addresses. Winners will be receiving their prizes directly from Neela Vermeire Creations. Contest is open to everyone, all over the world. Again, winners are chosen at random, and the only condition for entry is that you answer the above question.

Good luck, everyone!


  1. The most appealing time period for me is Modern India. The most appealing scent is Mohur. I'd love to be able to sample all three of these, though, as they all sound really interesting.

  2. Based on the three periods of India's history and the fragrances that correspond with them, which period and fragrance are you drawn to or can you identify with the most?

    I identify most with the Vedic period, but I am most drawn to Trayee, it sounds rich, opulent but grounded.

  3. The most appealing scent for me is Trayee, though the most appealing time period is the modern era. What a wonderful draw, thanks!

  4. Most interesting to me is the Vedic era, and Trayee is the scent that I would be most interested in trying. It sounds amazing. I have been very curious to try these- I am hoping that this might prove my chance. Thanks for a great draw, and a great blog!!

  5. My answer is identical to Cheesegan's
    the vedic period is such a golden mine of mythical creativity and ,I think, Trayee can express this so beautifully
    thanks for the draw

  6. Thank you and Ms Vermeire for the draw!
    While all periods are very interesting, Modern India is maybe the one that appeals to me the most.. probably because I want to visit India right now! :)
    On the other hand Trayee, and then Mohur, are the fragrances I would be most interested in sniffing!!

  7. Its almost a tie between Vedic and Mogul for me. I'm not big on modern for a lot of things. The scent I think I'd like might be Trayee but they all sound wonderful so again, it's tough to choose. Thanks for the draw.

  8. Especially I'm drawn to the modern period. About a year ago I worked together with a few people from India. My job had to be transferred to India, they came over to the Netherlands to learn the details of the job. It was very interesting to get familiar with their culture. I learned a lot from them, for example the modern lifestyle and their habits. They assured me that the feeling was mutal.
    I'm mostly drawn to the fragrance Mohur and would love to take a snif.
    Thank you for this generous draw.

  9. Thank you for this draw! I'm most interested in Trayee and the vedic era.

  10. What fun! Thanks for the draw- I have been dying to try these.

    I miss India and living in India- so I would have to say the India that I grew up in is where I want to be (Modern India). However, my tastes are considerably retro (even when I lived in India ) so the concept,period and perfume that appeal to the most are the Vedic Period and Trayee.(though I think I would love Mohur as well).

  11. What a generous draw, and the Neela Vermeire website is lovely. I'm especially drawn to that orange and dark purple logo. You wouldn't think that those colors would work together, but somehow they do.

    My practical side is tempted to choose modern India for such conveniences as the Internet and malaria preventives. However, the romance of the British era wins out. Nothing like a lost empire to fire the imagination.

    All three of the perfumes are appealing by virtue of being created by Bertrand Duchaufour, but Mohur would be my first choice. It sounds postively Rosetastic with the combination of Moroccan and Turkish rose notes.

    Thanks again for the draw. I found your site by following a link from Olfactoria's blog, and I'm enjoying your fragrant perspective.

  12. I love the Vedic period and the fragrance Trayee. i'm interested in the Vedic period because I love ancient stuff. I am interested in Trayee because the scent is complex :D

  13. I love Bombay Bling and modern Indian culture, including spectacular Bollywood films. What a vibrant and cosmopolitan culture. However, as a rose lover, Mohur might be the scent I am most interested in trying. I am still searching for the perfect woody-rose!

  14. I am drawn most to the Vedic period because I love reading about the unique history of India. I would love to try Trayee because it sounds complex and beautiful!

  15. My choice would be Modern India because it still has everything that came before in its reverence for its history. I would love to try Mohur, as I associate the scents of rose (and jasmine) with India.


  16. Modern India sounds more for me but just because i don't like the Mogur and the Vedic India...but I'm sure that all three scents are lovely, Mohur sounds intriguing!
    Thank you for the draw

  17. I enjoyed that tour through Neela Vermeire's website -- I also appreciate that she provides a non-Flash option.

    I am most drawn to modern India: vibrant, colourful, adaptable and striving. And I am very drawn to the lively and joyful Bombay Bling (with Mohur being a close second).

    Thanks to you and Neela Vermeire for this draw opportunity.

    -- Lindaloo

  18. Great giveaway!
    I love the Vedic period and the fragrance Trayee


  19. I am drawn to both the era and scents of the Trayee. i love the ancient history and the basic fragrance composition featuring so many elemental scents used in all fragrances today. Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Cinammon have been lifetime favorites of mine. What a wonderful site and a generous giveaway Thank you. buzzyngabe(at)yahoo.com

  20. It is modern India that appeals to me most because it is so interesting to see how nowadays India is developping, so many things are going on. The fragrance I can identy with most is Trayee.

  21. Ok, finally delurking! Thank you for the generous draw, and for the trigger to discover Ms. Vermeire's website.
    It's difficult to choose one historic period, and it is even more difficult to choose just one fragrance! ;)
    ok, I would choose modern India, and I will probably like Trayee the most, so I go with it, but Mohur is the one tickling my fantasy! Bombay bling sounds like a lot of fun, but I am cautious with fruity notes...
    Thanks again and happy Sunday to everybody!

  22. What a wonderful and generous draw. I have to say I am most attracted to Trayee, for its notes and the Vedic period is represents. It sounds like bliss. I have been hearing more and more great things about Neela's work. This would be an amazing way to learn more first hand! Thank you so much.

  23. I am most intrigued by the Vedic period. I am most curious to try Bombay Bling although they all sound irresistable. Fingers crossed....thanks for the chance to get to try them!

  24. Terrific draw! I love the Mohur fragrance which must mean that I identify best with the Mogul era. I would love to visit India one day.
    Thanks! TMaloney1226

  25. Mohur is the scent that appeals most to me. But, as a yoga practitioner, the Vedic era most attracts me. Fantastic draw, thank you!

  26. The draw is now closed- stay tuned, I'll be announcing the winners shortly!