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Friday, October 19, 2012

Serge Lutens launches new US website and store

I was happy to receive a very pleasant email from Sandrine Laurent at Serge Lutens the other day, informing me that there is a brand new US website.You might be asking yourself whether or not this is really newsworthy. If the conclusion you come to is that it's not, you're probably reading the wrong blog. The Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fansite is down the hall and to the left. eyeliner on a cat is just one of many perfume blogs built on a solid foundation of Lutens & Sheldrake.

[Mandarin Mandarine]

Normally a new company website wouldn't get me terribly excited, but I happen to think that this one is extraordinarily well designed with amusement park-like coolness, like the 3D spinning renderings of the ultra-exclusive limited edition bottles. The webshop is fantastic as well, and it's great to have the option of ordering the Palais Royal exclusifs, Serge Lutens cosmetics (which I've been wanting to try for years) as well as the other fragrance collections directly from the source.

Not every single Lutens fragrance is a slam dunk for me, but I will always keep an open mind. That's what Uncle Serge taught us, after all.


  1. Awesome - this is great news but I am a fellow fragrance geek!

  2. I stumbled upon that site on my own and was very excited... until I realized that the same bottle that costs in Europe 130 EUR including VAT is offered here for ~$300 PLUS tax. Usually I'm not the one to complain about perfume prices, I think that a company can put any price tag on their creation. The huge difference in price for the same item on different markets - that is what bothers me. It's enough that we have to pay much more for medicine than most people in the world. I refuse to be a rich sucker who'll pay whatever is asked - just for the exclusivity.