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Monday, October 1, 2012

The LUSH Chronicles: My first foray into the freshly launched Emotional Brilliance Cosmetics line

Spin the wheel! You can do it in LUSH shops or online. Just give it a whirl, and when it stops, quickly choose the 3 colors that appeal to you the most. The wheel will tell you how you're feeling-- check out the cosmetics that correspond to the colored disks, and you've got the exact look to suit your mood at that moment. Each shade is associated with a word, and when you combine your three words, it serves as a colorful makeup fortune cookie. Well, that's the idea anyway. It's the cutest corny gimmick I've seen in quite some time, and I have to admit that I love it.

What I ultimately did, though, was just choose the colors I really wanted to wear on my face, and I came up with a gorgeous avocado green liquid eyeliner (Healthy) which I completely adore, and a very vibrant, dark aquamarine (Control) color that you can layer to make it a deeper blue. Warning: Control (the deep blue) will stain everything in its path, including your skin (but it comes off well with an oil-based cleanser- try LUSH Ultrabland cleanser, it takes everything off). I love the clinical but cute and cheerful dropper bottles, and the little hang tags that come with each one. On the other end of the non-squeezable solid plastic bulb is the perfect fine, easy to control brush for liner application. The eyeliners I chose have no shimmer and smudgeability is fantastic until it sets. It's the only liquid eyeliner I've used that actually applies just as evenly and easily along the bottom lashline as the top, There are plenty of cremes and plenty of shimmers in the range; I think there is definitely something for every taste.

Here's another part I love: the ingredients. For the eyeliner, ingredients include:
Rose petal infusion, glycerin, almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuacu butter. Retails for $22.95.
Awesome! If there's a natural alternative to ANY old thing that works just as well or better, I'm all over it.

The eyeliner collection: I have the avocado green (Healthy) and third from left, deep aquamarine (Control)

Feeling Younger Skin Tint is OMGorgeous. It's a versatile cream highlighter that can me mixed into foundation (which, for me by the way, is LUSH's Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates). It can also be used straight out of the jar (with or without a brush) for strategic, natural looking highlighting blended onto the high planes of the face, cupid's bow and inside corners of eyes. The platinum-white shimmer is subtle, but like with any highlighter, you have to know when to say when. Friends don't let friends use too much shimmer. Its absolutely lovely moisturizing formula is similar to the Colour Supplements (did I mention I love my Jackie Oates? It smells like benzoin and blends like a dream). Final verdict: Feeling Younger is just as good as the best cream highlighter I've ever tried and about half the price. Bam.

ingredients include: oatmeal infusion, orange flower water, almond oil, cocoa butter, glycerin, jojoba oil (basically, it's a party for your face and your invitation was just FedEx overnighted to you). Retails for $18.95.

Feeling Younger Skin Tint: a fabulous, un-obvious highlighter and luminizer

Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates (fairest), smells faintly of benzoin (BONUS!)

Okay, a word about LUSH Colour Supplements. Yes, ANOTHER word. Okay. It's not part of the Emotional Brilliance cosmetics line, but I want to talk a bit about it anyway, because it's absolutely essential in creating all of my looks. Imagine the creamiest, whipped, sheer tinted, perfectly pigmented moisturizer, tailor made for sensitive skin. Add to it that there's a shade for the extremely pale among us (dozens of big companies still refuse to do us this favor, even since the tide has changed against tanning). Oh yeah, and you can also use it as a spot concealer, and mix it into your facial moisturizer to diffuse the color. That's my Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates. Somebody ought to name a luxury handbag after it.

ingredients include: oat milk, safflower oil, aloe vera extract, organic rosehip oil, shea butter, glycerin, honey, tincture of benzoin (a natural preservative). Retails for $15.95-- and it's WAY better than foundations I've spent 5X more on.

The Lippies- need to get my paws on a couple of these soon

Top row are the lipsticks, bottom left are the eyeliners, bottom right are the eyeshadows

Now that I've had the chance to try a couple of products from the Emotional Brilliance cosmetics line, I'm super-confident about going back for more. More of everything! (if any of my readers get that reference, leave a comment and I just might give you a surprise).The mascara, a couple of lipsticks and eyeshadows are calling my name right this very minute. Well done, LUSH!

[samples provided by the company for my consideration]


  1. Carrie, thanks for this post. I have always wondered how LUSH does cosmetics. Darn those little bottles are too cute. Must.stay.away! ;)

    1. Hi Carol! I'm a goner. It just so happens that my preferred movie theater is in a rather posh outdoor shopping mall, and you have to walk buy a LUSH shop to get to the theater. OH, FATES! Why do you test me!?!

    2. Oh, did you see my Freudian slip? "You have to walk BUY a LUSH shop". So pathetic, am I.

    3. not pathetic at all - it's true!! I would be walking buy there all the time! SOO glad I'm hermitted in my small town. I wish you luck!

  2. Lush is my playground recently, it is hard to tear myself away.