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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Perfume Palate: A Matter of Taste [Hazel Walker]

Hazel Walker is the founder and owner of one of my very favorite places to shop online for natural and organic skin care products, fragrances and cosmetics-- NuboNau. I originally found the website while searching for somewhere to get my Pai Chamomile & Rosehip moisturizer, and they had a free shipping promotion on the brand at the time. I was instantly hooked by the thoughtful curation of the products, the friendly vibe you get while perusing the website, and later, I found that my affection for NuboNau naturally carried over to the owner herself.

There is a brick and mortar shop in San Diego, California that carries all of the products offered online, plus facial services using some of the best organic product lines. NuboNau has their own brand of gorgeous handmade aromatherapy candles (read my review HERE), argan oil and body soap bars-- all organic. Your package arrives in the prettiest, reusable containers and always with a personal thank you note and plenty of free samples. There are frequent sales, and they even have a loyalty points rewards program.

I was elated to see that NuboNau made In Style Magazine's "Best of the Web" list this month, and it just goes to show you that integrity, kindness and positive intention will go far in the business world as well as in customer service. Hazel is a very cool lady, and she definitely loves her natural fragrances, as you'll find out by reading below.

[Hazel Walker: she's got silky hair and she's not afraid to use it]

First of all, please state your name and occupation:

Hazel Walker
Founder of www.NuboNau.com-- an organic and natural boutique based in San Diego.

What is your favorite perfume at the moment?

Well... can I be cheeky and offer two? One is not really a perfume... but I'm in love with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax (at night). The combination of Vetiver and Sandalwood sends me off into a deep and restful sleep - and I am, I have to say, a complete addict after 20 years of usage...

Secondly (and to answer your question properly), it must be the Jasmine Spirit Essence by Intelligent Nutrients. Raw, earthy, beautiful... I absolutely adore it. 

What is your favorite fragrance house or brand of perfume?

I admire and am in awe of the independents who deliver such wonderful, amazing creations. I am loving reading the interviews in this series-- it's a fabulous insight and learning experience for me.

How often do you wear perfume, and under what circumstances do you wear it?

Every day, everywhere!

Is it important to you to know who the perfumer or creator is behind the perfumes you wear?

I should ask myself how I would answer this question ten years ago, before we had NuboNau! Now, absolutely! I'm a nosey so-and-so and I want to know it all! Thorns, stems and all- I want to know what goes in that concoction and why! 

In the old days, before I became more aware of clean cosmetics and fragrance, I was seduced by the glamour of the larger fragrance houses. I still do admire the iconic imagery and dream-like positioning of so many of the institutional houses- but now prefer to look on from a distance. Choosing natural botanicals is a psychological must for me-- and I genuinely believe a better physical choice for me too.

I feel that the story behind the perfume does make a difference. I believe that the passion of an independent, boutique creator is tangible in their fragrance. 

Do you follow the work of certain perfumers, and if so, who?

On my voyage of discovery I prefer to follow the expert reviewers and bloggers (such as eyeliner on a cat). I would love to be able to 'taste' fragrance in such a way and deliver such eloquent descriptions! I do feel very privileged to be asked my opinion for this series. 

Think of an iconic perfume bottle design from the past. What is it?

I fondly remember breaking that black cord seal wrapped around the neck of the bottle on my first (and I should say tiny... no really, really tiny) bottle of Chanel no. 5 for my 16th birthday... I can still visualize that moment...and that bottle.

How many times a day do you estimate that you think about perfume?

Mostly when my friends say-...ooooo...you smell lovely!

Think of the last time you complimented someone on the fragrance they were wearing. Did you ask them what it was, and if so, did they tell you?

Yes, a client came into our boutique, she was Australian, on holiday- and wearing Grace by One Seed. It was so pretty (and she was so enthusiastic about her choice!) we sought the brand out- tried it, loved it, and we introduced the fragrance line in our boutique in June.

In just three words, describe your ideal fragrance:

Gentle, Aromatic, Natural


  1. Wonderful online shop. I can imagine it is a delight to shop online ! A lot of european products as well. Interesting interview as well, Carrie !

    Warm regards from The Netherlands,, Esperanza

    1. Hi Esperanza, thanks for commenting! Hazel originally hails from the UK, and she brought some amazing lines with her. I'm particularly obsessed with Pai Skincare right now!