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Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Favorite Fashion Moment of 2012 and its Perfume Pairing

One of my favorite fashion moments of 2012 was undoubtedly the emergence of Swedish style blogger and model Elin Kling (Style By Kling) into the mainstream fashion limelight. It seems that these days, bloggers can become famous pretty easily, and many of us are left wondering.. why? Elin Kling has proven to be an exception to that kind of exasperated plaintiveness. Her collaboration with Marciano for her collection of clothing and accessories is all aces. The ad campaign featuring Kling herself as the model is even more delicious, as she clearly gives us major vintage Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC.  Kling's collection is super-modern, super-wearable and when you see it all as a whole, you just want to be that girl. We all know that kind of cool can't be bought, so if you've got it, rock it.

Amazing bootie from the Elin Kling for Marciano accessories collection

My favorite shot. The way her body torques is just like Raquel's

Raquel Welch in One Million Years BC

Now, let's see. Elin's look that I love so much needs a great fragrance to pair with it. We're going to need something either genderless or something that leans masculine, and it can't have overpowering sillage. A few great picks would be:

CB I Hate Perfume 2nd (Alan) Cumming
A smoky, peaty, boozy masterpiece. Meant to represent Scotland in all the ways that count (except haggis).

Donna Karan Woman
Beautiful woody, musky concoction that's very light on florals and heavy on quiet sex appeal.

Commes des Garcon Wonderwood
A marvel of the synthetic woody overdose.

Tom Ford Oud Wood
Rich, nutty, warm and simple- more of a halo than a perfume.

Despite the above strong contenders, one fragrance stands out among all for this particular pairing, and that would be:
JUL ET MAD Amour de Palazzo. With patchouli, natural castoreum (!), a four-spice blend and leather, it has the aesthetic strength of modernism on its side with an impassioned, amber-toned soul beneath the surface. When I see Elin Kling wearing her collection for Marciano, I get exactly the same vibe.

Do you have any favorite fashion moments of 2012? Can you pair it with a particular fragrance?


  1. Ooh! Natural castoreum! I would love to smell that sometime!!

    1. It's even better than I imagined. Also, Aftelier Perfume's Secret Garden has natural castoreum as well, if you are a floral lover- it's quite aged and beautifully mellow.

    2. Nah... I hate florals! But Amour de Palazzo sounds like just my think, only notes that I love! But it´s waaaay to expensive for me to even think about... :¨(

  2. I want to try 2nd Cumming. It sounds like a good celebrity fragrance and goodness knows there are so few of those. I was pretty out of the loop in 2012 as far as fashion goes. I'm always a bit out of the loop with that I think. I try not to bother looking at trends I'm too old to pull off. Or ones that I don't have the body to wear. So I guess I didn't have any great fashion moments this past year. So sad.

  3. Hello Carrie,

    I like your idea of pairing scent and fashion :) I think I tried it as well, but not like this. And the bootie is quite nice! :)