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eyeliner on a cat
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Close encounters of 2012 + Happy Holidays!

This has been quite a year for me. There have been an obscene amount of new perfume releases that I've fallen hard for, so much gorgeous skin care and makeup, and an ever-deepening appreciation for all things organic and natural. If I had to sum up all of this year's affinities, discoveries, loves and lusts with just a couple of images, it would be these:

 [Green Cardamom Pods]

[Palo Santo, or Holy Wood]

Both worthy olfactory obsessions, fresh cardamom pods and the tantalizingly anisic quality of Palo Santo have got me reeling. Later this week, I will post my Best of Beauty and Best Fragrances of 2012 lists, and it's not proving to be a simple affair to whittle down my picks to a length that folks might actually read.

And with that, I wish all of my readers the happiest of holidays!


  1. Warmest wishes to you and yours too. May you enjoy the festive season :-)

  2. Cardamom is gorgeous! I do have a perfume with Palo Santo as a listed note and I love that scent, but I don´t know exactly what Palo Santo smells like... Can you recommend any scents with that as a major ingredient?

    Love your blog!

    1. Hi Nadja! I can't think of a perfume that features Palo Santo-- which one is it that you have? However, I can name two other products it features heavily in-- there's Jiva Apoha Atman body oil and Rahua Finishing Treatment (for hair). It's so much like a licorice scent, but less like the candy and more herbal.

    2. I have Native Force EdT by Oriflame. The notes are cardamom, kaffir lime and palo santo. Native Force is a surprisingly enjoyable scent from a very mediocre brand, most of their scents are horrible. I only have this scent because I get freebies sometimes from a relative who works there. From your description it sounds like Palo Santo smells awesome, so I´ll just have to do a basenotes search... I don´t really use many bath/body products other than perfume, or rather, I´m not so picky about what I use, but perhaps I´ll look in to your recommendations anyway.