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Friday, January 25, 2013

Top 5 Finalists for 2013 Indie Fragrance Award

Hearty Congratulations to the five finalists! It's times like these when I almost feel a sense of relief because I'm not faced with the judging panel's difficult task of choosing. 

The winner will be announced at the ceremony on Monday night at Elements Showcase. Best of luck to our finalists, and a huge thank you to all of the entrants this year!

~Carrie Meredith


New York, NY, January 23, 2013. The Fragrance Foundation is pleased to announce the top five finalists for the 2013 Indie Award (in alphabetical order):

Fragrance                                                                                Brand

Amber Oud                                                                             By Kilian, Inc.
CUIRELLE                                                                            Ramon Monegal Perfumes Barcelona
NO. 30 EAU D’HIVER                                                         LE CHERCHE MIDI
Rima XI                                                                                  Carner Barcelona
TERRASSE A ST-GERMAIN                                               JUL ET MAD

The final five represent a community of talented individuals who launched unique and provocative fragrances in 2012. The winner will be announced on January 28th at The Elements Showcase for The Fragrance Foundation Awards by Elizabeth Musmanno, President of The Fragrance Foundation.

“The Fragrance Foundation and our industry are thrilled to support small companies who have been chosen by our industry elite,” said Elizabeth Musmanno, President of The Foundation. “We look forward to honoring our finalists and applauding them for their creative achievements.”

“Indie” is defined as an established brand that has been on the market for at least two years, is not distributed or owned by a large company and is sold in 1 to 50 stores in the U.S.

The judging panel members were:

Paul Austin
President, Austin Advisory Group         
Anne-Marie Guarnieri
Senior Beauty Editor, Allure Magazine                

Virginia Bonofiglio
Chairperson, Cosmetics & Fragrance Marketing, FIT

Raymond Matts
The Art of Perfumery
Emily Dougherty
Beauty Director, Elle Magazine
Lucy Raubertas             
Indie Perfumes             

Gaia Fishler
The Non-Blonde

Bruce E. Teitelbaum
CEO, RPG      

Ann Gottlieb
President, Ann Gottlieb Associates, Inc. 
Rayda Vega
Consultant, Aromadyn  

About The Fragrance Foundation

Dedicated to serving its member companies as a resource for industry expertise, innovation and education, The Fragrance Foundation was founded in 1949 to increase awareness and appreciation of fragrance in all its forms.                   

Julie Leong
The Musmanno Group


  1. I just got a sample of Cuirelle and I can see why it is nominated. It's really nice stuff.

  2. The Non-Blonde is a judge! Very cool!