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Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Prime Beauty Blog's Top 8 Hair Styling Products for BIG HAIR!

Prime Beauty Blog is wrapping up our "My Top" series with 8 hair styling products to pump up the volume in your hair. See what she chose to get BIG hair! 

The winner of the Original Moxie mini quad is...

Congratulations tara!
You have won yourself 4 Moxie Minis. Please email me at eyelineronacat at gmail dot com with your mailing address.

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Friday, October 11, 2013

Original Moxie Shape-Shifter Re-Forming Creme: a revelation [and a fabulous giveaway!]


One year ago, I shouted my love for indie beauty brand Original Moxie from the rooftops. Since then, Moxie is still a part of my everyday hair care routine, and what was once a terribly annoying mane continues to be actually fun to take care of. I will admit that it became more fun when I chopped off six inches of my hair in front of the bathroom mirror. The pics of me below are pre-chopfest. It's all about matching the right products to the right head of hair-- which as you all know, is no mean feat. The fun part comes in with this brand's mix n' match ethos: no one's hair is just one type. It can be a few things at once, and we all know our hair changes from day to day too, just to keep things interesting.

Today, I wanted to share my love for Shape Shifter-- my most recent discovery from Original Moxie. I've never in my life met a product that does SO many things. That is a common thread amongst almost all of Moxie's products: they are able to be used in multiple ways.  I have a dummy-proof brief tutorial below for my current favorite style-- using Shape Shifter on wet hair, and pinning curls against my head with duckbill clips. First, the do, then, I'll share everything else the aptly named Shape Shifter does for me.

I love the beach-tousled look, but my natural hair is too thick and heavy to hold waves-- Shape Shifter helps to form and hold the waves without looking or feeling wet or sticky. And that, my friends, is why I love it so. Below is a great recipe for pincurls on straight to wavy hair.

I wash my hair with Get Clean! Shampoo, which technically is a no-poo. It's got no sulfates, no suds, but it cleans incredibly well without stripping the natural oils from the hair that make it look great. In my case, suds = freakshow.  I use Intense Quench rinse-out conditioner in the shower as well, focusing on mid-shaft down to the ends-- especially the ends. After showering, I'll dab my hair with a towel just for a quick second, because Shape Shifter works best on very wet hair. First I'll apply a dab of Everyday Leave-In conditioner  (because it really detangles and adds moisture to ends), and finally a healthy dollop of Shape Shifter. I need about 10 duckbill clips to haphazardly pin curls to my head, and I do that by coiling the small section around my index finger.

Then, I wait! I'll keep them in anywhere from 1 hour to 4, depending on my mood. I remove the clips and instead of brushing, I flip my head upside-down and hand-tousle the curls. You have to do this to get the waves to look natural. This is really all you have to do from beginning to end! But because I love product and can't really stop, I like to let it dry out the rest of the way, then make a mixture of a little dab of the following products in the palm of my hand:
Oasis Moisture Gel, Shape Shifter and Everyday Leave-In Conditioner, and apply to my ends to seal them and any places where there's obvious broken strands, like at the crown of my head, and anywhere I've made a bad snip in the past while trimming my own hair-- all those places get hit with a little bit of my mixture.

The Oasis Moisture Gel is an all-purpose light conditioner with fruit  oils and sodium lactate-- it's fabulous as a treatment and a styling aid and I love it for slicking hair back without stiffness. The Everyday Leave-In is a conditioner with a thicker, creamier texture that I really need and love because my hair is so long and voluminous-- it helps me to control it and make it look pretty-- wet or dry. Along with the Get Clean! Shampoo, it's the one Original Moxie product I use more than any other.

Shape-Shifter is also fab on dry hair as well-- it controls frizz like a champ and it can deliver a really smooth, healthy-looking blowout. It's conditioning, non-sticky, gives definition- pliable, soft, and can be reactivated with water at any time. It takes ANY hair up or down a notch, depending on what the wearer is looking for. I can't really make super curly curls (but I've had that Keri Russell circa 1990s fantasy), I've found that Shape-Shifter is a godsend for hair in transition (which I guess is almost always!). Look at these cute wavy bangs! They will stay that way until I wash my hair again.

GUESS WHAT? It's giveaway time!
Original Moxie has generously offered a prize of 4 Moxie Minis to one lucky winner, so they can get this look or or many others:

Get Clean! No Foam Shampoo
Intense Quench Deep Conditioner
Everyday Leave-In Detangling Conditioner
Shape-Shifter Reforming Creme

All you have to do is comment on this post, and tell us what your greatest hair challenge is. The drawing will close one week from today, on Friday October 18th at 7pm Central time. Contest is open to US residents, as well as Canada and the UK. Winner will be chosen at random via random.org, and will be announced on this blog shortly after the closing of the contest.Winner should contact me by email with their information at eyelineronacat@gmail.com.

Good luck everyone, and thanks Rachel!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Original Moxie interview: OM Blog

Rachel Blistein, proprietress and hair genius behind Original Moxie (my most favorite hair care brand EVAH)  has done me the honor of interviewing me for her newly launched OM Blog.
Find out why I need bangs de-programming, and what drives a girl to chop off six inches of her own hair in the bathroom one desperate evening. Click the link below for the interview!

Hair Does Not A Lady Make

[And stay tuned for my own Original Moxie review & tutorial coming up tomorrow, plus an amazing giveaway!]

Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Beauty Spotlight Team: Visionary Beauty's Top Picks for Frizzy Hair

No matter how perfect your makeup, there's nothing better to ruin it than a bad hair day. With winter around the corner, it's the time for unmanageable, frizzy hair. Visionary Beauty gives us her top picks to say goodbye to frizz and hello to shiny and smooth.