eyeliner on a cat

eyeliner on a cat
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Friday, November 8, 2013

Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue eBay charity auction-- it's on!

There is a super cool auction going on right now that benefits Friends to the Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue in Georgia. There is a tempting variety of things on offer, including an 8 oz bottle of Jiva-Apoha ATMAN (SPIRIT) Body Oil ($140 retail value). It's an uplifting and very sensual Ayurvedic skin treatment oil that is also my personal favorite, all year-round.

For all my fellow beauty/skin/hair care buffs and animal lovers out there, take a look and see if anything catches your fancy!

(I love their classic tattoo-style logo)

I nub me some pit bulls and feel very strongly about how unfairly the breed has been treated in the media and especially how they've been mistreated at the hands of greedy, soulless people who only want to exploit them. Pit bulls are, in my opinion, the most loyal breed of dog there is, and they will lay down their lives for their loving family, if necessary. They also give the BEST slobbery kisses, they are sensitive and thoughtful pets and will sit on anyone's lap just for some affection (whether they fit on said lap or not). I worked at an animal hospital for 11 years, and during my time there, not one single pit bull came through that front door with a bad attitude. In fact, they were hands-down the friendliest patients we had, and several neighborhood pitties would practically drag their owners through our door when out on a walk, just to say hello and get a biscuit for the road. It's not luck, I assure you, it's the benefit of a caring owner who understands the breed and its genetic traits, and forms a bond based on a mutual desire for affection AND protection. Trust means everything when you are the guardian of any animal.

For those who don't know, I work for Jiva-Apoha and donated the bottle of body oil for this auction on the company's behalf (my boss and Jiva founder Angela Shore is a badass and can't resist a good charity). I really hope to work with Friends to the Forlorn again-- partly because the founder, Jason Flatt, and the staff I've been in contact with (Bree, I'm looking at you, kid) are SO friendly and loving towards these dogs. I urge all of you to bid on an item or two, or check out the rescue's membership and shopping pages on their website. If anyone would like to donate any items for future eBay auctions that benefit Friends to the Forlorn, you can contact them via email at info@friendstotheforlorn.org. And hey! If you're in the market for an amazing dog and are anywhere near Georgia, you can fill out an application form online as well. Please feel free to share the auction and/or rescue website links on your social media drugs of choice.

The Jiva-Apoha ATMAN body oil auction ends on Monday, November 11th, (Veteran's Day!) at 6:00 am Central Time.

OMG a truckload of puppies! (pic courtesy of FTTF Rescue)

Thanks for reading my passionate divergence from the norm here on eyeliner on a cat. I'd like to leave you with this brief but amazing video about a little boy and his beloved pal Tator Tot, who saved his life!

Pit Bull Puppy Saves 4 year-old Boy's Life

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  1. Hey Carrie, thanks for the heads-up! I don't know much about pitbulls, but I did hear that they are often misused and misunderstood. The problem always lies with the owners and not the race!