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Friday, November 22, 2013

Truly, Madly, Deeply: New vs old Besame Cosmetics products

I've been a fan of Besame Cosmetics for years, and have seen almost all of my favorite products come and go, for various reasons. But I have held on to some of the lovely little compacts and lipsticks, and only wish I could still get their delicate rose facial moisturizer and translucent loose powder. Anyway, I have tried some of their newer offerings in order to compare and contrast.

First, I'm very happy to see that the size of their lipsticks have grown to full size, instead of lil' babies. Those little ones were very cute, but they were not any less expensive for their size. I picked Merlot, a matte brick red that is extremely highly-pigmented, soft and very comfortable to wear. The delicate vanilla fragrance is nice too. In these respects, all that has really changed with the lipsticks is the size. They have always been top quality, and suitable not just for vintage junkies-- these are just plain amazing lipcolors.

[old on left, new on right]

[Merlot- gorgeous on pale skin]

[note the flat, tapered edge to the lipstick- perfect for precision application w/o a brush]

The other product I HAD to get was the Violet Brightening Powder. It's in loose form with an included puff. I applied a dusting of it after using a lightweight liquid foundation (Urban Decay Naked Foundation), and the finished look was really stunning. With the smooth complexion and the deep, matte lips, I didn't feel like I needed any other makeup at all. 

[translucent, violet loose powder-- perfection!]

[a product that's a blessing for the fair-skinned]

Besame has been the big winner in the game of packaging for a LONG time, which is why I could never part with anything. I've got little eyeshadow and blush compacts that I'm hoping I'll be able to find refills for one day, but if not, I'll just save them for the day I get my dream vanity table. 

[get a load of the lipstick sample matchbooks! I love them]

[modern packaging, including the new lipstick sample matchbooks]

[older compacts- both eyeshadows, plus the old lipsticks. Tiny and cute- minaudiere-friendly]

[old eyeshadows, and old vs. new lipsticks]

Besame has a new souffle formula foundation that I must try, there's 1930s cake mascara, cashmere pressed powder, and even vintage-style crimson rouge-- all worth a try, because Besame never disappoints. If you like your vintage style with a wink and a nod, and not necessarily head-to-toe phoniness, Besame will be your new cosmetics BFF. If you can only try one product from this brand, make it a lipstick. If you can't decide on a color, order those genius little matchbooks to sample!

[all products were purchased by me for my own personal collection. I have not been compensated by the brand monetarily or with product]


  1. The shape of the bullet reminds me of the Hourglass one! I've never heard of the brand, but the lipstick is so gorgeous! Have to look into it :)

  2. I find it a blessing for all skin tones. Glows on olive skin.

  3. Would you please tell me the difference of the lipstick sizes in ounces? I'm curious how small the old one was. Thanks!

    1. Hi there- I looked everywhere on the tube and can't find the exact amount for the old packaging. It's TINY. The new ones are what I would consider average sized. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

  4. No problem. Thanks anyway! I had no idea they changed their size.