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Friday, January 31, 2014

Rive Sud Interior Rosewood Candle

Once in awhile, I go off the deep end for a home fragrance. It's happened again. This time, the culprit is a brand that is new on the fragrance scene: Rive Sud Interior. I was sent press samples from this French company, in the form of small candles about 3 ounces- a great size that is unfortunately not available for purchase at this time. The only size you can buy is their mega-huge 3-wick 1100 gram size.

My favorite of the two scents I was sent is far and away Rosewood. It is beyond gorgeous. The throw is excellent, it's a creamy, woody, sensual fragrance that is so chic, suits all of my many moods and always seems appropriate. I really felt the loss when it was gone! I can see Rive Sud being carried by US niche shops like Lucky Scent/ Scent Bar, and I truly hope that happens, along with the expansion of size options (like the ones pictured on their website- it looks like there's a mid-size option that isn't available yet).

If my home fragrance budget were king-sized, I'd buy this baby in a heartbeat, and I'd repurchase again and again. It is a very sexy scent, with or without the beautiful tattooed brunette holding it.

There are four fragrances available: #1 Acqua di Latte, #2 Cap Ferrat Les Pins, #3 Via Della Basilica, #4 Rosewood. The other one I tried besides Rosewood is Via Della Basilica, which I found to be very charming- an aromatic/herbal incensey number that just isn't fragranced intensely enough for my taste, as described perfectly by Gaia of The Non Blonde.

Rive Sud Interior candles are available in full sizes at 250 Euros each for a 3-wick, 1100 gram candle (pictured above) directly from rivesudinterior.com.

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  1. Hey Carrie, thanks for putting this brand on my map! I agree with you. They should make smaller ones available, because not everybody is willing to blindly put 250 euros on a candle they have not smelled before! Otherwise these sound nice as well. I might really like Via Della Basilica!