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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring Skin Care Round-Up: My New Multi-tasking Heroes + exclusive discount

As many of you already know, I love me a brilliant multi-tasking product. I'm a doting collector. As time goes on and my skin issues change, so must the ingredients I seek. This Spring, a new batch of products have hatched into my life, and I'm excited to tell you about them. What's more, I've been given an exclusive discount code to share with you from Wild Naturals! Keep reading...

Wild Naturals Moisturizing Skin Cream 8 oz jar, $39.95
It wasn't long after I purchased and started using this cream for my red, itchy, cranky, broken skin that I found such profound relief, I had to fire off a late-night rambling email to the company, as I am known to do once in awhile. I found it on Amazon.com, sifting my search results for a couple of key ingredients I needed to have. Manuka honey and manuka oil: an absolute must. Hemp oil: non-negotiable. What else? How about CEHAMI: an Australian botanical which has been shown to have incredible anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Add to that blue-green algae, aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter, and we've just scratched the surface, really. Every ingredient has been carefully chosen and many have been purposefully left out (like water and mineral oil). It only takes about 15 seconds to take effect, and it cools the skin down lightning fast and takes redness and pain away-- and there are no shortcut ingredients like camphor or mint to achieve this effect.

The anti-inflammatory action is immediate, and the gentle hydrating properties are long-lasting. A thin layer works best, and it dries to an almost matte finish and is completely non-greasy. There's not much of a fragrance to speak of, except that it is faintly oat-like and milky to me, which I absolutely love. There is no person or type of skin I can think of that wouldn't benefit from having a cream like this in their beauty bags or their desk drawer at work. Wild Naturals Cream is top-notch, luxurious skin care, genius first aid and a beauty must-have. In other words, a no-brainer.

Currently available at Amazon.com in an 8 ounce jar for $39.95...
BUT WAIT! The very cool guy behind Wild Naturals, Philip Jepsen, has an exclusive discount code to share with the readers of this blog to give you 20% off your purchase: Q8U6CSQ4 (enter code during Amazon checkout process)

(product purchased by me for my own personal use)

Raw Gaia Hemp Heaven Moisturizer 2 oz jar, $41.50 (trial size and 4 oz jars also available)
Welcome to my balm-of-the-moment! Raw Gaia's Hemp Heaven moisturizer has an uncomplicated list of pure, organic and cold-pressed ingredients: cocoa butter, apricot kernel oil, hemp oil, wheatgerm oil, sweet orange and lemon essential oils. Perhaps it doesn't sound too special at first sight, but don't be fooled: contained within this jar is a powerful panacea for numerous skin problems, including regular ol' dry AND oily skin.

With only a little dab warmed between hands and pressed or massaged into skin, irritation is quelled, dryness is swiftly banished and all types of acne, psoriasis and eczema are battled. Each component of Hemp Heaven is prepared and combined in a way so as not to compromise the full integrity and potency of each ingredient. It is Mother Earth's healing genie-in-a-jar, and when all else fails me (which almost everything does at some point, unfortunately), Hemp Heaven is there to help patch me up again.

Thankfully, this impressive UK brand is available for US customers to purchase via Wave Healing Arts

(sample provided by Raw Gaia for my consideration)

KiwiGlow Body Oils, 4 oz ($35 each)
KiwiGlow makes organic, unrefined, cold-pressed sesame oils boosted with vitamin E and natural, plant-derived fragrance oils.These super-fine, silky body oils are incredibly scrumptious. The scents are not at all cloying and the oils can be used anywhere- body, face and hair. If there's just one product you throw in your beach or gym bag besides sunscreen, make it a bottle of KiwiGlow.

The lightweight consistency seals in moisture and is absorbed into skin quickly, but not so quickly that you can't use it for massage. My twice-daily self-massages (Ayurvedic abhyanga) have become a very important part of my day, and KiwiGlow fits the bill perfectly. I favor Verde for an energetic lift and Earth for that grounding, soothing calmness I need when my nerves are frayed.

Earth has hints of frankincense, patchouli and vanilla
Verde is infused with sweet citrus and eucalyptus
Amaya is infused with botanical notes and petals of dandelion, the fragrance is crafted to evoke lily of the valley.

KiwiGlow VERDE

(samples provided by KiwiGlow for my consideration)


  1. Hi Carrie,
    Is "Wild Naturals" appropriate as a facial cream? I have a lot of redness in my face; would love to tone it down!

    1. Hiya Taffy! I use it on my face every day. It performs best if it's not rubbed much after it's applied. That might sound weird, but basically, I don't spend 10 minutes blending foundation over it. It dries to form a little bit of a matte barrier on the skin. For that reason, I use it after the makeup comes off. :)

  2. Thanks, Carrie! Not weird at all; I tend to gently pat moisturizer on my face anyway. Definitely will look into this and the discount code is a blessing. :)

  3. Hi Carrie! Excellent review! So many lovely things to try! Thank you for introducing me to a few new things that I clearly need to try! Enjoy the rest of your weekend <3